News & Information on Microsoft Teams

Metadata for Microsoft Teams: Project Number and Project Manager

Metadata was already a powerful tool in Microsoft SharePoint to create structure and process important information. With Teams Manager, it is now possible to create custom metadata […]

Change Language in Microsoft Teams

Changing the user language in Microsoft Teams is easy! Here we show you the process in just a few quick steps. In order to change your user […]

New Teams Manager Release: Metadata, Guest Access and more

We finally have released the new version of the Teams Manager with long awaited features at your disposal. The new Teams Manager brings us some long awaited […]

Microsoft Templates vs. Teams Manager Templates: Capabilities compared

In addition to already since last year available templates of the Team Manager, Microsoft has now made available the out-of-the-box possibility to use ready-made definitions of the […]

Create Classifications for MS Teams in Azure

Microsoft offers us the possibility to use classification labels that can be attached to a team. With these practical labels, teams can be marked clearly visible in […]

Leaving a MS Teams guest tenant

Working together with Microsoft Teams between different organizations, users are often invited as a guest to another organizations tenant. When the work is done, the authorization for […]

Create an Office 365 Test Tenant

Everybody knows that test environments are a very good idea, providing a safe place to try new features or configuration changes to products, develop scripts and tools, […]

Teams Manager Infographic -The Most Important Features

Getting to know a new tool and understanding its features and limitations can be hard, especially for platforms like Microsoft Teams with so many apps available. This […]

External Sharing in Microsoft Teams

External approvals are indispensable for collaboration in most companies. Office 365 offers you very fine-tuned controls for setting up approvals. However, these are distributed across multiple Admin […]

New Teams Manager Version: Naming Conventions, Policy Execution etc.

The new version 2.1.3 of Teams Manager has finally been released. With it you have a lot of long awaited new features, including naming conventions, at your […]

Private Channels: Governance

Site collections of private channels do not appear in the SharePoint admin center for the administrator. For team members, the private channels and their site collections are […]

Microsoft 365 Certified: Become a Teams Administrator Associate

Do you want to get deeper into Microsoft Teams or get a proof of your already acquired skills?  No problem: Microsoft now offers the possibility to acquire […]

Private channels in Microsoft Teams

One of the most requested features for Microsoft Teams is finally here: private channels! With the introduction of private channels, some common communication problems of larger teams […]

Teams Manager nominated for the final of the ESPC Awards!

Teams Manager has been nominated for the final of the European SharePoint Community Awards at the upcoming European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference (2-5 December, Prague […]

Creating Teams: Everybody or nobody?

One of the biggest problems with Microsoft Teams is the assumption that it can be effortlessly applied to large organisations and can be easily accepted and intuitively […]

Microsoft Teams: How to disable Teams Creation

When enabling the Teams license in Office 365, every member within the organisation can create new Teams. Giving your employees the possibility to create Teams themselves and […]

How To Add Emojis To The Names Of Your Microsoft Teams Channels

Microsoft has implemented a way to further individualize your channel names in Microsoft Teams by adding images in the form of emoji icons to the name. This […]

Microsoft Teams Templates

It is widely known by now that Microsoft Teams is a fun, powerful collaboration tool that comes with a host of challenges. First and foremost of those […]

Governance in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams are still incredibly popular. Microsoft’s relatively new collaboration tool launched in 2017 and promises high usability and fantastic adoption rates. However, this often leads to […]

Microsoft Teams Provisioning

Automatic Teams provisioning is one of the most important tools in the fight against uncontrolled growth in Microsoft Teams. As I mentioned in the blog post Governance […]