Add Emojis To The Names Of Your Microsoft Teams Channels

Add Images to the names of your Microsoft Teams Channels

Microsoft has implemented a way to further individualize your channel names in Microsoft Teams by adding images in the form of emoji icons to the name.

This may, at first glance, seem like a distraction and waste of time. But there is actually good reasoning behind using emojis in your channel names.

  • Add emojis to only a few channel names and make those stand out more. This way you can easily put emphasis on important channels, make them stick out and be seen quickly.
  • Add emojis to all your Teams channels and use matching images to illustrate the purpose better. Our brain can interpret images faster than text characters, so this will add another little bit of user-friendliness to your Microsoft Teams environment.
  • Another great idea is to use simple emojis like colored squares or dots in traffic-light colors for projects to immediately show the current status.

Adding an emoji image to your Teams channel is really simple:

First, create the new channel without the image, then afterwards edit it and add the emoji to the name.

Why not add the emoji icon right away? When a new channel is created in Microsoft Teams, several things happen in the background. For example, a folder connected to the channel is created in SharePoint, as well as a link to that folder. And this folder in turn may be connected to Windows Explorer, if it is synced in OneDrive. So there are several instances where we want to have a nice basic text-character name without anything special – at least during the creation process. After everything is created, we can edit the name afterwards, which will not change the connected folder name or link.

So now that you have created your Teams channel and selected “Edit the channel”, you just need to choose an emoji and add it to your channel name. For this, you might want to remember this keyboard shortcut: press and hold the Windows key and press the period key.

“Windows” + “ . ”

This will call up the emoji selection popup. Unfortunately, it only works in Windows 10; for older Windows versions the only option is to use the touch keyboard.

Add emojis to the names of your Microsoft Teams channels

And that’s it! Choose your emoji, click on Save and voilá, you have your individualized channel name.

The next question is, of course, can we add customized images or icons for example in our company colors? Not yet, unfortunately. But who knows…

    • I got the emoji board to come up, but now I can’t figure out how to get the emoji to the channel. I tried clicking and dragging, but neither work. Any ideas?

      • Hi Andrea,
        you need to go to the form for editing the channel first:
        • click on the 3 dots next to the channel where you want to add the emoji
        • click on “Edit this channel”
        • and then you can place the cursor in the field for the “Channel name” and call up the emoji board.
        I hope this helps! =)

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