Everything for awesome Teams Management

  • Templates with channels, tabs, apps etc.
  • MS Teams Governance with approval process
  • Naming Conventions & Lifecycle Management
  • Install directly from the Teams AppStore
Teams Manager features for Microsoft Teams

Governance for Microsoft Teams

Keep control of your Microsoft Teams infrastructure and prevent uncontrolled growth.

Request & approval workflow in Microsoft Teams
Select a user group to approve new Microsoft Teams
Teams Manager Reporting
Teams Manager Reporting

Create better overview

Use Lifecycle Management to get rid of inactive Teams, and Naming Conventions for a better overview in the MS Teams list.

Structure right from the start

Provide your users with preconfigured templates
and improve collaboration throughout MS Teams.

Create templates for better structure in Microsoft Teams
Create Teams templates with channels, tabs, lists, folders, and apps like Planner or OneNote

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Teams Manager Responsive Design

Stunning on all devices

Teams Manager is full responsive, which means you can use it regardless of the device type or the screen size it is being viewed on.

Team Manager provides useful templates


Create Team Templates with just a few mouse clicks and bring them to your users.

Teams Manager provides an approval workflow

Approval request

Generate a custom request with an approval workflow in MS Teams

Teams Manager updates existing teams with new templates


Easily delete test Teams or other unwanted content with predefined lifecycles.

Teams Manager adds unique reports to Microsoft Teams

Consistent Names

Use naming conventions to give your users a better overview in the Teams list.

Teams Manager

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What people say about our Teams Manager

  • “Building complex templates is really easy”
  • “Now we can decide if a new team is needed.”
  • “We love the new lifecycle feature!”
  • “The installation was so easy, great job!”
Teams Manager price from 99 € per month
Teams Manager pricing

Here's What Our Clients Say

“So far we are very pleased with Teams Manager. Since we started using it we have already created ∼800 Teams with it. The business received the approval process well and have appreciated the advise we give them when the request is denied.”

David Owen

Head of IT Global Services, Bruker AXS LLC
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Rencore Certification
Rencore Certification

Development Best Practices Certification

We are proud to have received the Rencore Development Best Practices Certification in 2018. We do our best to develop high quality apps with state-of-the-art technology for your Microsoft Teams environment.

Best service for you

Our team works hard every day to provide you a perfect customer experience.

Awesome Support

Our experts have years of experience with Microsoft Teams and our products and can help you with any challenge.

Good Documentation

We provide extensive documentation and tutorials with lots of screenshots to make it easy for you to install and use Teams Manager.

Knowledge Base

If you have a question, chances are it has been asked before! Just have a look at the articles in our Knowledge Base.

Man using Teams Manager on laptop.

Quality Hosting

We're using two Microsoft data centers for redundant hosting in order to provide more security against outages.

Latest Technologies

Microsoft Teams is regularly updated with new features. We are working hard to integrate those into Teams Manager immediately!

Automated Tests

For our frequent updates, we use automated tests as well as dedicated testers to make sure our software is as free of bugs as possible.

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